Everything you want to know about Apple’s #AppleEvent on September 9th 2015

A very exciting event today for all those Apple fans out there. There was a slew of product updates released. Here is my brief synopsis of today’s events.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Watch OS2 released on September 16th.

Comes with Facebook Messenger, iTranslate and GoPro integration.

New designs and finishes. Lots of new bands for the watch. Two new finishes in Gold and Rose Gold brushed aluminium cases.

Ipad Pro

IPad Pro is faster than 80% of portable PC’s shipped in the last 12 months.

IPad Pro with available smart keyboard (aka Surface).

Apple Pencil with force and angle sensors to allow different marking strokes and shading.

Apple Pencil

iPad Pro starts at $799 and the iPad range goes down to the iPad Mini2 at $269.


Apple TV.

The future of TV is Apps.

Button activated Siri via remote, Still a step behind Amazon’s Alexa if you ask me.

Apple TV games with movement aka Wii from the remote. Up to 5 friends can join in the games by using their iPhone’s or iPod’s.

The remote has a glass touch pad across the top for scrolling.

Apple Remote

Apple TV 32Gb $149 and & 64Gb $199.



iPhone 6s & 6s+ now in Rose Gold finish

Now has 3D touch which really is Force Touch from the Apple Watch

All new 12MP iSight camera for iPhone 6s and 6s+ and 5MP selfie camera

iPhone 6s and 6s+ same price points as the 6 and 6+ with a two year carrier contract, But now Apple has a new upgrade program which starts at $32pm. It allows you to upgrade every year to a new phone after you trade in your old phone.


iPhone 6s and 6+s available on September 25th. and iOS9 on September 16th.